Puñales has developed a sound universe ready to raise the energy of the dancefloor, through a diversity of rhythms and sounds from the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora: from dancehall to gqom, from global bass to UK funky and from Carioca funk to guaracha. He understands the dancefloor, whether in the street or in the club, as one of the most powerful collective experiences there is. she has played in clubs like Laboratorio Octogon, El Crystal, Dabadaba and Jimmy Jazz, at parties like Nexo Malito, Autotune or Barbarie and Raks, at festivals like 1000gradutan, and has shared the booth with artists like BRAVA, Ms Nina, Flaca, Highkili, Selectyaglossy and B2BBs. He is part of the VUTRON collective, which has its own sound system, and of the organisation of the Bilboklaat Dantzall party.