D'Riddim, electrifying DJ, producer & playlist curator renowned for delivering scintillating performances that transport audiences on a sonic journey like no other. With an insatiable passion for music and an innate ability to read the crowd, D'Riddim has become a driving force in the global music scene, leaving a trail of pulsating beats and euphoric vibes in their wake.

What sets D'Riddim apart is their unrivaled fusion of caribbean-inspired rhythms and the pulsating energy of electronic music. Their sets are a vibrant tapestry of euphoria, expertly navigating through a diverse soundscape that seamlessly connects cultures and unites dancefloors. He’s really influenced by Dembow, Dancehall, Baile Funk & Afrobeats.

His mixtapes, remix & edits are gaining popularity around the world through Soundcloud. Furthermore, you can find D’Riddim working as a curator for Submithub, Groover, Soundcampaign & Dailyplaylists.