Hailing from London City, Blotchy313 is no stranger to the rave. He knows what it takes to get people moving, and more importantly, into a state of 'losing thyne shit' to the sound.

Bassweight, funky percs and heavy breaks rip through his sets.

After spending 10 years living and thriving is South Africa, DJ Blotchy now resides in Barcelona, steadily building his skills as a producer and showing the city what he’s got with his ability to genre bend and double drop his way through multiple BPMs.

Garage, Gqom, Grime, Dubstep, Funky, Breaks and Footwork are the basis of his sets, ranging from 125-170 bpm with fast mixes and deep valleys.

His production takes form in a more experimental manner,
taking inspiration from the sounds and environment that surrounds him, pushing the envelope to create tension and emotion through vibration and frequency.